New Teacher Coaching

Helping new teachers hit the ground running


As a mentor teacher, cooperating teacher, supervisor, instructional coach and adjunct at Hunter College, I have coached dozens of pre-service and in-service teachers. I take a very hands-on, practical approach. My coaching style includes a lot of modeling by me, videotaping and feedback, co-planning & co-teaching, and shadow coaching.

New teacher coaching and development can be in-person or off-site. 

Off-site coaching is limited to teacher videotaping and feedback, analysis of student work, co-planning, resource creation and chart making. Teachers are responsible for videotaping themselves. I provide the website where they can upload these videos.

In-person coaching includes all of the services provided for off-site coaching and more hands-on approaches such as co-teaching, shadow coaching and modeling by me. Again, teachers are responsible for videotaping themselves should they choose to do so. I provide the website where they can upload these videos.


Student Teacher Supervision

Bridging the gap between theory and practice


I have supervised student teachers from Hunter College and Teachers College.  What I love about helping others perfect their craft is the immediate impact it has on students, and the way it boosts teachers’ self-esteem when they take note of that progress.  I relish uncovering the next step that is both attainable and will make the greatest difference in students’ and teachers’ lives.  In order to isolate the next goal, I privilege understanding teachers’ unique needs by not only observing them, but also listening to the issues they struggle with.  

My entire teaching experience has involved working with language learners as an ESL teacher, a dual language teacher and a bilingual instructional coach.  Being fluent in French and proficient in both Spanish and Mandarin, I have worked with bilingual teachers from all over NYC public schools.  In fact, I have also worked with teachers who speak a different language such as Arabic.  I have found that being able to understand the language of instruction is crucial, but really understanding the context, the student body, the parent body and the need for quality curriculum for English language learners is what has made me a strong counselor.

Blake Ramsey

Coming into the Dual Language Program at PS 58 in 2011, I was a brand new teacher with big ideas, but with little practice. The daunting aspect of teaching 50+ students in a side-by-side setting was a seemingly insurmountable task for someone with my experience. Thankfully, my first year was not only successful, but my craft seemed to grow and blossom exponentially with Marie Bouteillon's unmatched teacher-coaching skills. Never have I encountered another pedagogue with more passion, dedication, accessibility and desire to help.

Marie modeled lessons for me, coached me through my own instruction, filmed me so I could see myself in action, and gave me meaningful feedback that lead to effective results. I was always astonished with how much she invested in me, in light of her responsibilities as the coordinator of the program. I couldn't believe how much detail and care went into her work with me, especially considering that her duties required her to give the same amount of attention and oversight to all of the other teachers in the program.

Reliable with top-notch efficiency, Marie truly is a gift to any teacher.

Blake Ramsey  Dual Language Teacher at PS 58 The Carroll School in Brooklyn

An Observation Tool I Designed