Ongoing Programmatic Consulting

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How It Works


In recent years, school and district leaders have requested a more tailored support during the planning stages and early development of a dual language or immersion program. 

When booking my time for ongoing programmatic support, leaders can schedule specific times to talk through some of the challenges they face.  I keep my schedule open to schedule conversations either via email, phone, Skype or in-person.  

Indeed, I believe that there is no right way or wrong way of designing a dual language or immersion program or addressing particular issues once a program has been created.  It’s about taking a very close look at your student population, teacher availability and qualifications, parent population and curricular constraints.  Making these decisions is very different whether you have a Hebrew program in downtown D.C. working with essentially non-Hebrew speaking students, or a Spanish program in rural California who serves primarily Spanish-speaking students.



Principals have found it useful to call on me to solve issues related to:

  • Program design

  • Teacher recruitment & retention

  • Student recruitment

  • Managing parent expectations

  • Program evaluation

  • Program growth

  • Student attrition

  • Growing student population

  • Bilingual teacher evaluation

  • Bilingual student assessments

  • Curriculum design across languages and grades