Teacher Recruitment

Networking to secure dedicated professionals

Nationwide, schools are facing a huge challenge: finding quality bilingual and immersion teachers.  

This is one of the major reasons why I left the classroom: to help prepare more teachers, and to support new and novice teachers in the hopes of retaining them.  I also hope to tackle this issue by networking to help provide schools with a list of potential recruits.  

Furthermore, I wish to support schools in their recruitment efforts to design a rigorous recruitment system that will retain the best teachers.  I was on all recruitment committees for three schools since 2008.  I have helped recruit over 20 quality educators.  

If you are a prospective teacher, please email me with your a copy of latest resume.  I will be sure to reply to you.  Please be prepared to answer a few questions and to meet either in person or through Skype.  

If you are a school interested in recruiting a quality educator, please email me with a job description.